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Meaningful, impacting work
Entrepreneurial move

We are a young company with ambitious growth perspectives.

Whether your background is in business or engineering, whether you are a junior or experienced consultant,
FLB Partners presents a unique opportunity in your career path.

We offer:

Sharp sector expertise

  • We specialize in strategic advisory services to clients (industry leaders, mid-size emerging key players, governments) active in complex, technology-intensive industries.
  • We work with senior executives and policy makers who are smart, demanding, very knowledgeable about their sector and facing high-stakes challenges.
  • Our added-value lies in a thorough knowledge of the strategic, industrial and technological issues of our clients’ sectors, combined with tailored, highly analytical and result-oriented approaches.

International scope

  • We serve our clients globally, supporting them in developing and implementing strategies to reach sustainable growth and achieve world-class operations on home and international markets.
  • Our Partners have led extensive work in European, American, Russian and Asian industrial, high-tech sectors. We have developed strong relations with two US and Indian strategy and business intelligence consultancies.
  • Our organisation is fully integrated. The structure of our project teams is based on competence and expertise, regardless of the office affiliation of our consultants.

Fast learning curve, high exposure

  • We aim to ensure talented people are continuously presented with opportunities that use and strengthen their skills and interests.
  • Our Partners not only manage and supervise their teams but operationally get involved with them in the field. From your first project, you will work directly and closely with our most senior people.
  • From the very beginning too, you will be given responsibilities and high exposure, having to interact with clients’ senior executives while managing your time and work on- and off- projects.

Entrepreneurial spirit

  • We are powered by our people, all of them being involved in the development of the company and encourage to take initiatives.
  • We cultivate an atmosphere of trust, respect and collaboration, both internally as a team and externally with our clients.
  • FLB Partners values, rewards performance and shares results.