Why us?

We differentiate ourselves in the way we address the critical and complex issues of our clients:

Highly involved Partners and Managers

  • Partners and Managers have extensive consulting experience (up to 30 years) in High Technology and Process Industry sectors.
  • We ensure that every customer benefits from their experience. Partners at FLB not only manage and supervise their teams but also operationally get involved with them in the field.

Proven methods and tools tailored to customers issues

  • Our approach is based on proprietary analysis models and on our ability to convince the different stakeholders to agree on quantified and pragmatic decisions, within the fixed - sometimes extremely tight - deadlines.
  • Develop consensus with our customers by sharing our know-how is key.

Sharp techno-industrial expertise

  • Our added-value lies in our thorough knowledge of the industrial, strategic and technological issues of our clients’ sectors, combined with an analytical result-oriented approach.
  • Clients appreciate our ability to come up convincing and pragmatic answers and solutions.

Flexibility and Timeliness

  • Our firm's objective is to meet customer needs for timely analysis. We can address planned requirements yet also respond quickly to new priorities.
  • Tailoring the information to the management level and anticipated knowledge of the audience is always a consideration.

High return value

  • Our projects are usually performed by small teams of consultants and experts allowing us to minimize the “learning curve” in each of our interventions.
  • Our efficiency materializes through the mastering of specific skills and know-hows, as well as the delivery of recommendations and accompanying services at attractive ROI rates.