Technology-Intensive Industries & RTO

FLB helps high-tech companies and Research Technology Organisations assess and refine their strategies, develop technology innovation and sourcing tactics, improve operations and time-to-market performances.

Our consultants have supported a wide range of engagements across high-tech sectors (biotechnologies, electronic systems and components …):

  • For an International biotech group, market entry strategy for a therapeutic product candidate dedicated to the protection and security of the EU citizens against bioterrorism. Evaluation of the Bio-Preparedness Policy at EU level. EU vs. non-EU countries’ procurement policy benchmark. European market size assessment per country (94 study contributors: key decision-makers from 25 Member States and European / International Organisations). Action plan.
  • For a European integrated Oil & Gas player, analysis of the expected technology and market regulation evolution in car engines: comparison of presently used and future car engine types, electrical/hybrid car world market evaluation (Japan, United States, and Europe). Identification of priority development axles in terms of technology.
  • For a RTO, mapping and cost assessment of the organisation’s internal processes (about 150 processes mapped: R&D, manufacturing and integration, operations, finance and management). Identification and implementation of actions to up-grade performances.
  • For a RTO, optimisation of the economical factors structuring the decision process for new space projects (detailed cost structure assessment for different types of space systems, identification of the various cost drivers, of the limits of the current technical cost models); assessment of promising new technologies for current and emerging future applications.
  • For a RTO, international benchmark and HR policy optimisation: development of internal professional service processes and management systems to ensure that the organisation can recruit, train and retain the best personnel, and create sustainable competitive advantage.