Business Intelligence

Consulting Services - Business Intelligence

As business intelligence service providers, FLB Partners assists business development and programme managers, corporate planners and government policy makers in the assessment of market trends and specific programme opportunities.

Our strategic intelligence services are based on taxonomies, advanced research and mapping techniques that enable us to address key issues such as impact of regulation, new technologies, substitution products, new entrants …

Strategic databases

  • Clients / End-Users
  • Competition
  • Investors / Sponsors
  • ...

Market / Industry Surveys

  • Products
  • Client / End-User mapping
  • Industry structure analysis
  • Value Chain mapping
  • Competition mapping
  • Industry mapping per technological field
  • ...

Representative Experiences of our team

For a space system manufacturer, assessment of the European satellite manufacturing industry structure: 200 companies (Primes, Suppliers) and RTO mapped by Platform and Payload System-Equipment-Component products/services and technological capabilities Supplier panel optimization and competitive repositioning of the manufacturing activities.

For a European institutional agency, assessment of the aerospace industry (OEM, suppliers, RTO) in 10 Central and Eastern Europe countries. More than 60 entities mapped by industrial and technological capabilities Identification of potential OEM/Supplier industrial partnerships.

For a European provider of electrical/automation systems, assessment of the commercial opportunities in the European railway infrastructure market (metro, tramway, inter-urban high speed lines and main lines). 250 infrastructure projects mapped in 29 European countries and in Russia Consolidation of a 3 year business development plan.