Strategy Consulting

Consulting Services - Strategy Consulting

FLB Partners supports clients in developing and implementing strategies to reach sustainable growth and achieve world-class operations on international markets.

We work with companies willing to start, improve, re-orient, or enlarge their activities and operations in home markets and overseas, as well as with non-European clients aiming to improve their market position in Europe. We also serve governments and international institutions in both mature and emerging markets.

As strategic management advisers, we help senior executives gain and maintain strong and defendable position permitting them respond - quicker than their competitors - to changes in the competitive environment. Our capabilities include expertise in five specific areas:

Corporate Strategy & Business-Unit Strategy

  • Strategic segmentation and business definition
  • Activity portfolio optimisation and resource reallocation
  • Supply chain mapping / Value chain improvements
  • Business models optimisation / validation
  • Assessment of strategic options
  • Strategic management and results-driven planning
Increase in Shareholder Value

Growth Strategy

  • Market fine-tuned segmentation / sizing / forecasting
  • Competition assessment
  • Product offer optimisation
  • Market entry strategies
  • Distribution / prescriber network optimisation
  • Diversification strategy options assessment
Revenue Enhancement

Technology Strategy & Innovation

  • Identification and characterization of key technologies per strategic segment
  • Technology sourcing tactics
  • Technology road-mapping
  • R&D action portfolio optimisation
Technology strategy alignment with business strategy

Investment Opportunity Assessment

  • M&A and JVs: Target screening and assessment
  • Strategic due diligence
  • Synergy evaluation
  • Financial modelling
  • Business planning and business plan reviews
Investment return maximisation


  • Value-based cost reduction
  • Process optimisation
  • Cost structure analysis and related cost-cutting target definition
  • Fixed asset optimisation (e.g. consolidation of facilities)
  • Supply chain management
  • Organisational structure analysis and redesign
Improved cash-flow and performance
Comments: Companies have often large amounts of untapped cash stored in underproductive assets. We look beyond cost management and focus on maximizing the income-generating potential of employed capital. Our approach seeks to optimize the productivity of both current and fixed assets, thereby releasing cash that can be put to more-strategic use.

Representative Experiences of our team

For a large aerospace & defence group, strategic assessment of its aviation MRO business unit: activity/service portfolio analysis; worldwide market dynamics and profitability by segment; industry structure and competitive positioning of the key players. Recommendations and road-map validated by the Management Board.

For a space large system integrator, strategic overview of the worldwide security/defence space sector (57 countries’ military space assets and programmes analysed). Market dynamics per geographical area - roles of the main stakeholders, programmes’ technological characteristics and budgets. Competitive positioning of the key players. Business plan optimisation / identified accessible markets.

For an international biotech group, market entry strategy for a therapeutic product candidate dedicated to the protection and security of the EU citizens against bioterrorism. EU market demand assessment per country based on potential vulnerabilities / risks evaluation, and procurement processes mapping. Identification of key decision-makers and action plan.

For an aerospace system manufacturer, comprehensive overview of the worldwide aircraft engine market place, and of the key players’ R&D strategies/funding policies and business models. Identification of partnership opportunities and action plan.

For a European provider of electrical/automation systems, optimisation of manufacturing and integration capacities of 2 divisions. Restructuring and discontinuation of production sites. Improvement of the financial performance by 2 points of EBIT margin.

For a RTO-Research & Technology Organisation, mapping and cost assessment of the organisation’s internal processes (about 150 processes mapped: R&D, manufacturing and integration, operations, finance and management). Identification and implementation of actions to up-grade performances.

For a Moroccan packaging key player specialized in woven polypropylene bags, global performance improvement project: Total cost assessment per type of product; Productivity: KPIs and performance monitoring system, JIT-Flow optimisation, TPM-Total Productive Maintenance; Quality: extension of the laboratory’s testing and calibration competences and activities, performance upgrading of the weaving machines and extruders; Competitive repositioning on the Moroccan market.