FLB Partners is a Strategy Consulting and Business Intelligence firm focused on high-technology sectors.

FLB Partners provides strategic advisory services to corporate clients (industry leaders, mid-size emerging key players), Research & Technology Organisations - RTO, governments and international institutions active in complex, technology-intensive industries such as space, aeronautics, electronics, biotechnologies...

Based in Paris and in Rabat with correspondents in the U.S. and in India, we serve our clients globally, supporting them in developing and implementing strategies to reach sustainable growth and achieve world-class operations in home and international markets.

The company delivers tailored, fact-based and cost-effective advice to measurably improve our clients’ business performance.

As strategy advisers, we support long-range value-creation planning, capability development and resources allocation on behalf of our clients in industry and governmental / international institutions.

As business intelligence service providers, we analyse the external environment, discern the threats and opportunities for the client, develop market position improvement plans, and ensure responsive programme implementation support.

We help our clients Formulate strategies Leveraging key Business differentiating capabilities to outperform and create sustainable value...